A Strange Reason

Some men awaken whistling, stretching, or scribbling;
first thing generals do is “Check Their Bullets”…
(“And, ohh,” noted one observer, “What we might learn from our
brothers in arms!”)

One gentleman,
SO secure in, or
SO concerned with
his “Position in the City,” writes to say that,
“Swift, sure, legal action awaits anyone who
tries to use HIM in a Daily News item.”

On the very first day, all guides say,
“Boy–we’re gonna have some fun now!” 
(Which promise may be as reliable as any other…
assuming your check doesn’t ‘bouncy-wouncy’.”)

One guy surprised me when he suddenly
up and said, “You know, the best example of me
I’ve ever seen is the City itself.”

In the course of a conversation one man used the phrase, “a strange reason,” and a listener was for the first time singularly struck by the idea, and walked away thinking, “What reason IS exempt from this description?”

This one fellow was somewhat disappointed
to discover that it was his own family that
had started the truism, “You can’t go home again.”


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