Otherwise Engaged

Ninety-seven percent of all people on Earth belong to a secret organization – oops, sorry, guess I shouldn’t have said that – you’re one of the other three percent, right?  And we couldn’t resist:  Okay, the “serious version” – right?  Ninety-seven percent of people on Earth belong to a secret organization; eight percent know they do, seventy-six percent don’t know they do, and the others are either “Undecided,” “Don’t Give A Shit,” or “Otherwise Engaged,” or Hung-Over…(that leaves just you and me, eh, sweets!)


Even when he HAD no intention of repeating himself
this one guy would still say to himself,
“I’m not going to tell you again.”


All peace is predictable,

all peace is pre-emptory.


One guy hung a sign out that said,
“Only Superman Need Apply.”


One progenitor who may have had some subversive
cramps once, directed his little progeny with a ditty
that went like this – Maestro, if you please, (he said),
“Kid, pick one thing and stick to it…
then don’t.”


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