Bullet Proof

In this one City was a minister of a certain religion
who steadfastly held his post whilst passed the careers
of many of his peers and superiors; some cultural critics
attributed his success to the formidability of his intellect,
others to his pervasive acts of charity, and yet others peg
his popularity to the fact that at the conclusion of each
of his sermons, discourses, and predilections he exclaims –
“Let the boogie-woogie roll!”


Only ideas can be truly “bullet proof”
(and only then if not exposed.)


“Don’t forget kid, kicking ideas is safer than kicking people,”
and entirely adequate pause took place before the voice of
advice continued, “And yet again, my little one, in some spots
it’s safer to kick the people.”


This one younger figure kinda tugged at his collar,
spat off to the side and said he was beginning
to find, “maturity an imposition.”




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