Tuesday Travel Advice

The fellow next to me bellied-up and lamented,
“Eyee, I should’ve realized how things were headed
when I first discovered that my heroes had heroes…eye.”


One’s personal demeanor doesn’t count for much
in the real Land of Meanor.


On one far away world, a vanished race
left only this clue: one short sentence scratched
on the side of a dark cave protecting ballistic
launders, that says, “Our humor excelled our strength.”  
But, hey, don’t take it so hard; you gotta remember –
I just make this stuff up.


A guy, who says he reads our News quite often,
says he’s already told his kid that,
“Anything that ‘makes sense’ in a news item
would make sense  out in life…assuming that life
ever decides to ‘make any sense’ for us.”


Inter-City Travel Advice:
Never ride the bus with a patriot.



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