Monday Thoughts

While there are some who do not believe
that men of Homer’s time thought,
as he reported they did, there are others
who do not believe they thought.


Under City lighting conditions,
anything that can be more progressive
can also be more retro. 
(Therein lurks the omnipresent difference
between “how things work” and how the
working of things makes man imagine
they should work.)


One chump – I’m sorry, that should say “chap,”
says he has but one guiding blotto – no, motto,
in life and that is to try and “align oneself always
with the up-trodden.”  (And thank you sir,
so much for my – I mean your views.)


Although we started out talking abut something else,
before we parted this one fellow said to me that if he
had a kid he’d probably tell him, “Youngster, just
remember this – if you know what you’re doing,
you don’t HAVE to cope.”


“Go west, young man – Go west.” 
(Especially if you know what you’re doing,
AND you want to go east.)



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