Going Once, Going Twice

Sad to say,
not everyone who threatens
“never to return”
does so.


There were several “Daily News items” tonight
that I wanted to particularly think about,
so I therefore didn’t mention them.


Sometimes when he would sit himself down
to direct his brain to a present problem,
this one chap would first hold his forehead
with thumbs and fingertips and intone,
“And once again it’s the Bad News Bears vs
World Championship Wrestling.”


Remember:  The apparent “key word” in all City affairs
and intelligence is “Permanently.”  (Keep repeating it
over and over to yourself, “permanently, permanently
and permanently” just in case you want to remain so.)


One well meaning novice said,
“Boy, the thrill is to do these stunts without a net.” 
The actual performer countered,
“Naw, the real pulse-stopper
is doing them without a trapeze.”


Our parting shot – I mean,
“Thought For The Weekend”:

If you can think about something once,
you could think about it twice;
if you can think about it twice,
you can think about it one more time;
and if you can think about it all of these times,
you should’ve thought about it better to begin with.




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