Any action that seems to require
an accompanying comment
is in need of more than a little damn comment.


The scuttlebutt in one part of a certain penal institution
is that, “Jail is just a state of mind.”  The talk, however,
over in B section is that it isn’t.


Every City has a native son
who believes he “works for the Higher Powers.”
(This is one way the Higher Powers stay in power.)


One pamphleteer, over near the parks’ west gate,
has as his latest pronouncement the following: 
“Animals have no conscience;
if they did they’d be no better than man.”


One naughty, nautically minded chap
gave his own brain a nick name – “Sunken Treasure.”
(He said he even considered having it painted on his stern,
but that he wasn’t sure those following in his intellectual
wake would make the connection…hell, I’m not sure I
make the connection.)


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