You Can Count On It

Then there was this guy I ran across (not literally of course) on another world selling what he called, “snow shoes for the mind”.  He claimed they’d keep you from “Squooshing down.”


Even before they built it,
and forever long thereafter,
the Arc de Triomphe is in your head.


If you have a real bad thought
it’s hard not to think it,
so the best approach
is not to have one.


The ole man handed the kid his bus ticket
along with these words, “Remember, if you don’t take
City affairs seriously, they ain’t serious, oh, and always
remember, you’re supposed to take City affairs seriously.”
  (What better advice from bad luck might one expect.)


A “You Can Count On It” Number 63:  Whenever someone warns
that a particular act will be a “death knell,” you can be assured,
they have a knell in danger.


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