Love Stories

One glib gossip and social commentator announced, “Everyone has an aunt who drinks too much,” but then was asked about those who have no aunt.  He fumbled about in his pockets for a moment, glanced off toward London and replied, “Then it’s up to them to become their own aunt.”


Binary sight and inquiry
can only lead to knowledge.

On this one world
the latest news
is that there IS no latest news.


(A Remote Quote):

“Almost all great love stories require two characters;
the really great ones require three…(beyond that,
god knows we don’t want to think about it.”)


After a certain amount of good natured prodding,
this one somewhat reticent fellow finally admitted
that although he saw it as no reason to brag, it
probably could be said of him that he was
“more likely to help himself before he would
help other people.”



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