Under Cover of Darkness

Under cover of darkness
even more darkness slipped in.

(Let this be another lesson to you,
you can “depend” on logic,
but you can’t TRUST it.)


When asked, this one man said,
“I’ll be glad to try and respond –
of course I can’t speak for myself…”


There are reports of this one world
whose Gross National Intellectual Product Index
is tied to the manufacturing and distribution of
“shoes for fish.” (I’ll certainly – chortle – pass along
any new reports as they become – chuckle – available.)


In intellectual areas,
just as with eco-political ones –
those who get there first
are considered the “real” residents.


This one guy who’d always eat too much
would always say – “Hey, I ate too much.”


And another neat thing about the Dance
is that the submissive can blame all their ills
and faults on the corruption of the dominant. 
(Don’t you just love it!  And all the people yelled,
“Yeahhhhh!” – until you mentioned it.)


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