1, 2, 3 Tuesday

Even with the gargantuan and grandiose,
the luxury of the excessive is a limited offer.


One guy, even though sometimes complimented
for his insightful thinking, said he had to quit
listening to himself, least he become any more
like himself than he is already.


The REASON imported intelligence
doesn’t cost any more
is that it’s not on sale.


One patriarch told his brood,
“If you don’t know, it’s important
to know that SOMEONE knows.”


The authority of three
is in its complete coverage of spatial reality;
the impact of two
is in its control of all things polarized
and the power of one
is in its exclusivity:


Stand back – make way
here comes the king,
here comes the king.

“Yes, it is me, it is I, and all must submit by and by. 
Numbers can tell what letters can’t see,
knowledge’s deadly monopoly. 
It’s on my hands, it’s in my mind,
knowledge is forever, process blind…”
Here comes the king,
here comes the king.


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