New Math

More new Verbal Math:

The difference between
“what you are” and
“what you’re not” is –
“everyone else.”


One band of beings over in another zone
discovered that one way to cut down on whining,
was to quote the words of others.


The kid pulled the ole man onto his knee and said,
“Come on Pops, tell it again.  I love the part about
when the ‘dead shall live and the living die,'” and
the old timer thought, “I was afraid of that.”


Opposing armies that might appear equal in
numbers, armaments, and provisions, are not
actually equal if one side doesn’t give a damn.


The Philosophy Professor in the midst of his rant exclaimed,
“Opportunity makes fools of us all!” and the kid was so
overcharged, (perhaps even overcome), he had to leave the
classroom and go sit under a shady Economics instructor.


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