Flying Warriors

There was a band of souls once on a planet
whose existence is now, save for me, forgot
and forgot and forgot; like most others they
had dreams and ideas of a “secret knowledge,”
but their singular facet was they said this wisdom
had been known and carried on in an unbroken
line of butterflies.  (Which a few among them
further said would explain the brief life of these flying warriors.)


An ode for City man
(which I don’t think I’ll offer to publishers just yet):

Half way between up and dow
n is where we find ourselves;
with either extreme believing,
it has yielded enough.


After his survey he said,
“Most of these roads should
have been closed ten years ago.”


One little king, one fine day
called his very best thoughts together
and named them Albert.


The answer to how to do ANY thing
is the same as to how to do EVERY thing.






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