Worth a Try

Question:  Why is history so popular?

Answer:    Because it’s so cheap to write about.


Another ole sore head decked by-heck all in corduroy
told his equally fashionable son, “Just trying to think
about something as frightening or dangerous
won’t necessarily make it so – but it’s worth a try.”


So okay, I’ll concede you this much:
under many City conditions, suffering does
bring out the best in people, but also note –
this does not include those doing the suffering.


If you wait for them to invite you,
you’ll probably be the last to arrive.


Down in the City, from a crowd in the park,
a voice arose over and over,
“My name is Troy – have you seen Helen?”…
think of it – “Have you seen Helen?”…
a figure of dubious existence publicly seeking
a twice removed enigma – AND his routine
environment taking it seriously – and more than that,
a local reporter solemnly interviewing him for a story. 
(By such fascinating intrigues, through such exhilarating
slaloms does the Secondary sector succeed and confound.)









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