Being of Sound Mind…

True facts are not usefully true
if they can turn on themselves.

(Or, all city data is kamikaze.)


All City governments are puppet regimes
propped up by “God knows what forces”…
(and of course, “A Revolutionist knows what forces.”)


One fellow who sometimes spoke publicly about Revolutionist type matters was approached after such an appearance by a man who said that he found much of the comments “interesting,” then hesitated and said, “Before I go on, I trust you can handle an insult?”  The speaker nodded for him to continue; the man said, “For some time I have followed your activities, and have attempted an investigation of your background, and I must tell you in spite of the intrigue of your comments – I think you MADE IT ALL UP!”

And our sagacious subversive thought, “You call THAT an insult?!”



One fellow’s Last Will & Testament read:
“Being of sound mind
I do hereby declare.”


One ole man told his kid,
(or perhaps it was the other way around – you figure),
“If you ever get out of my clutches, you’ll think
what ever they want you to think.”


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