Fairy Tale for a Friday

Here is an old, but classic Fairly Tale that some of you my have missed as children:

Once upon a cliché’, there was a Guy who made tapes of himself talking about stuff, that were open to public attendance.  Oftimes, after the Guy had concluded with the comments he intended to be available to whomever, he added an “Epilogue” to be seen only by the select groups of people in attendance at a showing, and whoever was not part of the local select group, would be asked to leave the viewing room.  The Epilogue was always the same; the speaker simply instructed the select group to sit there quietly for four or five minutes, then laugh and holler uproariously for a minute or so, then to leave the viewing area and rejoin the members of the public who had been positioned just outside the door to hear all of this.  The select group was told to be smirking as they came out of the room, but to quickly cease doing so as soon as the public attendees had all seen the little drama.

(In some sort of homeostatic reflex
it is said that one fine day this Guy’s
own mind did the very same thing to him.)


I understand that the hottest new question
sweeping the world of Psycho-Anthropology is,
“Who was the first modern man to see himself naked?”


A youngster writes from over that way, and asks,
“If people didn’t tell what-kinda-guy-they-are,
would they actually BE a guy?”

If you think anything’s wrong
then EVERYthing’s wrong.

(Oh, okay, so I should strive for increased truthfulness
periodically, so…okay, there are some things that are
wrong, flawed and dangerous…now do you feel better?)

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