Good City Life Advice-On-The-Halfshell:

When in doubt –
stand for something,
or, align with an institution.

(And of course, if this doesn’t work, write your memoirs.)


The ill will of the Revolutionist
should be confined to actual acts of murder.


Then there was also this one guy
who would only speak to himself through a curtain.


If you ever found creatures who,
instead of a “god thing,” worshiped a “god-of-processes”
and knew what they were doing, then get away from them
as quick as possible ‘cause they don’t know what they’re doing.


As he lay dying, at the foot of his bookcase,
with his final gasps this one man said,
“Looking back over my life,” (here he paused and looked back),
“I have but one regret –
My serious Underestimation of Matthew Arnold.


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