Your Feets’ Too Big

About the best the City and Secondary thought
can offer by way of any finality to anything are
‘ever shifting junctures that could be called,
“Episodically conclusive.”


A man going for a run doesn’t NEED a library card.

And – a man going for a read doesn’t need running shoes…
(But, “Ahhh”, said the librarian, “He does need feet.”)


It is possible to knit a new intellect;
you cannot, however, weld new kidneys. 
This speaks most well of either
the power of organs, or
of good vocational training.


After a life time of hearing his City neighbors insist
that a man must confront his problems, and
“Address the issues, address the issues, by gawd.” 
He formed the habit of responding to those graspings
and complaints that arose in his own mind by greeting
them thusly, “Hey, bitch – what ‘chu want?” and
“Hey, shit head – you talkin’ to me?”


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