Fair’s Fair

When this one fellow first heard the truism,
“fair’s fair,” he just absolutely went to pieces.


The powers of one state decreed that,
according to his own wishes, a condemned prisoner
could be either executed at the university,
in the sports stadium, or over by the cemetery;
this is in line with what the king said he perceives as a,
“kind of choice even in death.”


There’s only ONE possible treatment
for some people’s lives.


This one ole, I’ll call him a sorehead cause that’s
what most of you’ll wanna think when you hear this,
declared the following, “If you hate somebody bad
enough to tell ‘em how much you hate ‘em, you
don’t really hate ‘em enough to be fooling with it.”


There was this one ole guy down in the City
who took a good – I mean a good long hard look –
at life and muttered, “I’ll be impressed later.”



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