You Too Could Be Famous

This one author, as a spur to his creative steed,
would, as he was writing, simultaneously sing aloud
the national anthems of countries he didn’t know.


“I’m sorry sir”, said the pretty official…
maybe that should be “petty official”…
none the less he told the citizen, “I am indeed
truly, truly sorry, but according to our official directives,
‘One who is blind cannot properly appreciate
how ugly one is.’”  After a mutual pause, the civilian
muttered, “I do so truly hope this has no application
regarding intelligence.”


On this one geometrically aside planet
they have attempted to bridge the frequencies
between the animalistic, macho sections, and
those drifting there from to such a fever that
their most popular, current sport is
“Chess Played With Fork Lifts”.


If you discover something
you can become famous…
(Note: There is one exception to this.)


“I sorely beseech thee, my brotheren,”
cried out the captain of their spiritual institution,
“I beseech thee not to do this terrible thing.” 
And the people yelled back, “What terrible thing?”
and immediately their religion disappeared…
(only to be replaced  the next day by a new, improved version.)


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