Home Improvements

One guy stops by to tell us
that he simply doesn’t see how
it could ever be possible that
he could live somewhere new
if it wasn’t where he was already living.


Although I was in a hurry and didn’t have time to stop
and investigate further, the other night while cutting
through the park I heard, coming from the speaker’s area,
someone crying out, “Home improvements for the mind,
right over here, home improvements for the mind!”


A Neural Revolutionist trying to “inform the public”
is like a stud bull singing grand opera. 
(There’s no connection between the two,
but so WHAT?…that’s just the point now ain’t it.)


one man’s trash is another man’s garbage.


At a social gathering at the City University
I overheard one fellow say to another these words,
“Regardless of one’s attitude, or indifference
towards the institutions of religion, I do not see how
a truly enlightened man can hold a passionate
disbelief in a god; after all, what ‘thinkin-man’
would not like to meet some one more intelligent
than himself.”


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