Seriouser and Seriouser

Just as he died, this one person announced
to all gathered about his dispatch site,
“We are now again as we have always been.”


Whilst experiencing a peak moment of pique,
this one guy decided, “From now on I’m gonna
take out my frustrations on Life”… after second-
thinking himself, he then thought, “Assuming Life
hasn’t already beaten me TO this game.”


Regarding when thought might be enough thought, consider: 
A plane can’t be TOO air worthy.


One of those speakers over in the park
was causing quite a commotion, and when
I got there he was just saying, “Those who
want power should TAKE power; this is the
only seemly approach.”  (Was he referring
to the Primary or Secondary world…
does he even know the difference…do you?)


One guy, when trying to be serious with himself
would say, “Hey man, I be serious!” then he would
have the biggest, ole warmest laugh.



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