Sillier and Sillier




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Question:  Would you prefer to be an experienced, competent captain or a boat?
Follow up query:  Do you actually believe you could have such a choice?


The play-the-bums-off-the-stage question: 
How much longer are you gonna seriously
entertain binary possibilities and inquiries – HUH?!


When anyone says “Let’s hear it for your friends and mine!”
you can be pretty sure their greater interest is in the latter…
(same holds true with your old brain’s favorable attitude
toward its old familiar thoughts.)


As he stood looking down that “long road of life,”
a philosopher said, “God damn that’s a long road.”


With most people,
telling “what kinda guy they are,”
it’s hard to tell whether they’re actually
telling, or asking.


One of the most critical connections a man has
with an ordinary existence is his interface with
seriousness… (but, a codicil:  Besides all that,
you need to remember that if you’re gonna
survive in the City: the sillier it is,  the more
serious you gotta take it.)


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