Sunday Sports Update

One expelled student took the platitude
so beloved by linguistic philosophers, that says,
“Everything is what it is, and cannot be another,”
and combined it with the subversive element that
states, “Everything is what it is and then some,”
and was able to construct a non-lethal incendiary
device that first lit up, then destroyed his own
old laboratory.


Endocrine Sports Up-Date:
At the end of six rounds,
hormones are ahead on points
if not actual knock-downs.


One of the tongue lashers over in the speaker’s area
of the park concluded his remarks by declaring that
all the lame should be able to – with impunity –
cripple one other person, and a surly sort standing
by the side said, “I think that’s what’s goin’ on already.”


You can forget abut oak and soft pines,
nouns are the best whittlin’ material.


Another example of breath-taking-justice at the local level:

Guy says, “Whenever I’m frightened I sing to myself.”
And his partner says, “The only thing that really frightens me is
sometimes I hear this really, really terrible singing.”


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