Thinking Begats Thinking

Knowledge is thinking
with the life left out.


One father, over in the fourth ward,
advised his scion suchly, “In life,
you’re gonna find that some
people are more like themselves
than anybody else.” 
(And sure enough, the wanker grew up.)

For a Revolutionist with an un-trampled,
un-encumbered, merry new neural site;
thinking begats thinking.


One guy’s most recent theory is
that profanity came about
during a humor brown out.

(It’s rumored that his brother is working
on a companion postulate that says
curses and jokes can be interchangeable…
but he’s long overdue for a meter read.)


Having all the fun you can
IN the Revolution, makes rebellion
just that much more feasible.


One demi-fine day a kid asked his ole man,
“Why do I never hear you sing the praises of
parenthood, or offer thanks for having this
little off-spring?”  And the elder leaped into
a frozen, squinting position and replied,
“Ah, it’s a trick question – right ?”


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