Speak Up! Saturday

On the outskirts of a certain City,
there was once a temporary band of rebels,
who some say had as their electrical core
this one statement, “The purpose of human life
is for the forces to see who’ll weaken.”


If you’ve got to “speak up” to be liked,
your circle of friends will end up being all talkers.


Whilst roaming about at the museum a chap exclaimed,
“Dear me, I do so love antiquities!” and his intellect looked
around at its own furnished and added, “Hey, tell me about it.”


Having limited choices is, of course,
always welcomed by those with limited desires


Once, while I was passing through a certain 4-D City,
and standing on the corner at a major intersection,
one of the natives stepped up and announced,
“Great minds are punished, small one rewarded,”
then a second inhabitant came forward and countered,
“No, small minds are rewarded, great ones ignored.” 
This was followed by the sudden appearance of a third
citizen who said, “Does the cross town bus run all night long?”


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