It’s hard to be spontaneous
while being planned,
but not near as hard as being planned
while being spontaneous.

“Kid, regarding criticism,” intoned the ole man,
“Let me tell you this.  Why make people feel bad
unless you’re absolutely, unconditionally,
Oklahoma-certain it’s gonna help ‘em?” 
(The youngster thought he understood
what his father had said, but just to be on the
risky side he decided to stay clammed.)

All evil is unrepentant,
(or else they’d pull its union card).


One guy who feared he “knew too much”
didn’t actually have anything to be afraid of.
(Neither do any of his relatives –
Hey, yeah listen up, that means you too!)


Surveying his property lines, neural and otherwise,
one home hummer announced that he didn’t want anybody
“up so close to HIS backyard.”  And his partner asked,
“When’s the last time you looked back there?” 
(Remember kids, they don’t give title insurance
on thoughts cause everyone’s property’s too jammed up.)



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