One lower echelon sore head, over at the City college,
says that he has no confidence at all in the idea of a
“Free Market History,” in that there are no records
of one religion’s invasion of the territory of an
already established one’s setting off a price war.


The read of the secondary City
is one of revision and re-write,
not of new chapters,
much less new volumes.


With a burst of unexpected mean and spleen,
this one ole guy screamed out, “That’s it – enough –
I’ve had it!  If I hear one more person whine and go
on about the ‘good ole days’ one more time, I swear
to you – there’s gonna be serious trouble!”  And his
brain suddenly looked up and snarled, “Yu talkin’ to me?”


He who fun in his own head,
doesn’t have far to go.


Motto of one head – I mean, world:
If enthusiasm isn’t “everything,”
it’ll do ‘til everything gets here.




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