Inner Landscape

While discussing one thing,
one fellow found he could discuss another.


A first guy says,
“Living in an apartment is not what it used to be.” 
And his partner-guy says,
“But neither is anything else.” 
To which the guy replies,
“You mean any WHERE else, don’t you?” 
Partner says, “Do I?”  (Later that day
the first guy thinks, “Hmmm, a nice condo
by the frontal lobes might be fun.”)


Language: The construction of an inner landscape.


Over on this one growing little planet
they decided to allow the formation of religions,
inasmuch as they’d already been tricked into
permitting political parties, but it was determined
that they’d both have to share the one name of,
“Shut Up And Sit Down!”


Everything you sneer at,
sneered at you first.




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