The Power of Words

The Power Of Words,
Part Three, Section Seven, Example Twenty-Nine:

In the prime-cut of his years,
this one fellow switched his profession
from magician to mortician,
simply because he still couldn’t spell
(Now that I am forced to “think about it,”
kinda makes you glad that Man’s such a
short, easy word – eh?)


In the City
good news arrives on crutches.


One philosopher of the Real Cheap School
says that if “Evil forces had their own union,
things would be quite different.”


A Revolutionist could be quite lavish
with his silence.


Over in the Numerical-And-Problematic sector of this universe
are twin planets, on one of which they believe that confession
and any verbal revealing of what one is, produces quantum bits
of new personal strength, while on the other orb they vehemently
hold to the opposite.  (At times these two worlds are closer
together than they are far apart, and at other times they are
nearer to you than you are to them.)


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