Important Message:

As one man’s watch ran faster, he sighed,
“The atmosphere condenses and grows heavy.”


One day an ole man called a kid from his activities
and said, “Sit down here my boy, I’ve got something
important to tell you.”  Once they were settled the
elder continues, “I am not always as I appear to be,”
and the lad, sensing he had little time left for juvenile
pursuits, screamed to himself,
“I thought you said IMPORTANT!”


“Okay you guys, who’s goin’ over and dance with Ignorance?”


Over on this other world,
(you’ve feared might exist), the battle cry
of their Aggressive Institution is:
“Courage is one thing,
Revenge, everything else.”


To dream of a time
when man had no secondary, mental pressures
is to dream of the time when man could not dream.





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