Bad Hair Day

The “breach of habit”
is the ultimate “breach of the peace.”


A man with an irritable hair cut
tries to sum up one aspect in this way
(says he), “Hey, history, tradition, antiquity –
Hey, don’t jive me, the past ain’t no more
than a bunch of damn connections.”

If, toward the end of the show,
during the “Double-Up Super Prize Round,”
you’re offered the choice of either
a large brain, or a big heart, tell ‘em you
would prefer the carry on luggage.


For many a year did this one ole timer oftimes say,
“It’s all according to how you look at it.”
Then one day the kid inquired, “Is there not, dear Dad,
anything you have to add to that?”  “Yeah, he replied,
“you also don’t HAVE to look at it.”


From this very universe a guy writes to say
that he believes I simply make all this up!?
But then “Hold it”: 
This morning from the same general area
comes word that this other guy thinks that
all the stuff I writs about actually Happened to me.

(I don’t know which of the two is the most
insulting and enlightening.)




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