Country Thoughts

You know your work is finished when you’ve joined the majority.
(Country thoughts, take me home.)


Lots of people say they want to see,
but not many want to look.


A question making the spheres in the “Poli-Sci” Department
of a certain nearly, near-by university:  “Is THE ‘Grand Right’
of man the right of the ignorant to be led by the wise; or the
right of the wise to have the ignorant to lead around?” 
(I tremble to think what might be going on in the
Philosophy and Home Economics departments.)


Everything segues into everything else.


Regarding the labyrinth of mortal affairs,
a certain Pa Pa informed his Kid Kid thusly,
“If all that seems available to be done seems
somehow too close, too familiar, too simple,
go ahead with it, and by doing it, the more exotic,
unexpected, and complex will be discovered.” 
(And with what seemed to me to be a dollop
of vacillation, the Pa Pa added:  “And what
could be more appropriate for children than
‘kiddy philosophy’?”.


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