Sunday in the City

When it comes to City deliveries,
you could say, (sans sarcasm of coarsely),
that all errands are fools errands. 
(Of course also, you don’t have to say anything
about anything – right?  After all,
it’s your truck, you’re driving and this is your route…right?)



This one city guy, after carefully considering the costs
of having brand new thoughts, and even of refurbishing
his older ones, decided to apply a corporate name
to his several mental efforts; he began referring to them
as “The Overhead Brothers.”


One certain grandfather, wearing a kindly grandfather mask,
whispered to the little nipper, “To really believe that
‘originality is everything’ is to ignore the possibility that
your singular contribution sucks.”  (P.S.:  The kid told me later
that he believed the mask to be some sort of trick.)


In the City,
for a ritual to be “fantastic”
it must simply be silly.



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