Unwarranted Conclusions

What’s left after you get through talking about something
is what you had before you started.  (Day-0, maybe Day-0…)


Early one morning, quite unexpectedly, certainly
before he had time to leap or pole vault from the bed
to get a pencil or some other sharp object
with which to fend, one guy’s brain told him,
“Those who sometimes make reference to an
‘unwarranted conclusion’ don’t know the half of it.” 
And the chap suddenly both tensed and relaxed
in a state of pre-dawn light and exclaimed for himself,
“Hell, those who refer to unwarranted conclusions
don’t know the All of it.”


Anything that’s food for thought
is fodder for humor.


Instead of saying, “category, type, sort, style or species,”
this one cat, when he meant “genre,” would say, “genre.”


Having a pithy conclusion is Not the same as having a pithy.

P.S. All that other stuff’s goin’ on,  just so yours can. 

P.P.S. There’s a longer version of this, but “Who-Needs-TV?”


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