On A Clear Wednesday

This other guy suddenly slapped himself
on the forehead, (since he was the closest),
and exclaimed, “Well, now, by god,
well NOW I get it; how clear can it be:
to have ‘human emotions’ you just gotta be human.”


Catching a train in the City
can be almost as profitable
as missing it was yesterday.


Over at a recent God convention,
a terrible fight broke out…
Ah, I was just fooling, I made that part up…
there wasn’t any damn “God convention.”


Those philosophers of yore, who went forth
seeking the wise and perfected man,
all returned with major complaints, unknowingly
condemning men for having characteristics.


As regards the continual chase
from process to things-specific,
back to processes and on again
to things-specific, take apropos note: 
You can’t become rich without
becoming a rich person. 
(This is no less so regarding death.)


A fellow with a simply stunning booby-prize collection
said it was, “Just one of several normally overlooked
rewards of coming in last.”  (A nine-foot-pole-manufacturer
hearing this comment remarked that he wouldn’t touch it
even with a competitor’s product.)


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