Killed by a Couplet

One fellow who would ingest only herbs and shoots
did so by explaining that his literary meter
was killed by a couplet.


A certain Revolutionist from another district
once noted to an aide that from a particular view,
men could be seen as constituting three different camps:
The Ordinary,
The Revolutionist
s and
The Pretend Revolutionists,
and the last group believe they’re the only ones
“living a natural life” and “doing god’s will,”
while the true Revolutionist knows that this distinctio
n most properly belongs to the Ordinary.


The sound of gunfire
rings mainly in the memory.


Aggression Update Number “Laugh-Not-Guaranteed”:

One ole sore head,
on mornings he awoke not feeling particularly angry,
would become very frightened.


Over on this one world which is fairly complex
by certain verbal standards, they say that a man
who wouldn’t cheat his brother,
wouldn’t save his mother from drowning. 
(They also say they’re misunderstood by their neighbors.)



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