Space Stories




On another world, (the exact location of which
you certainly need not now be concerned), the first
kid said, “Everything I know I got from my computer.” 
The second one said, “Everything I know I got from TV.” 
And the one that comes next in this order said,
“Everything I know I got from Life.” 
And the first three said, “Life?  What’s Life?”

(I do so hope that you will not be so childish as to run
with your planet’s first impression of this little tale – huh?!)


Over on this kind of make believe, parallel world,
(far too frightening – I mean, exciting
–no I mean parallel,
–no I mean make believe,

to talk about), every morning, many, many, many
of its people leap enthusiastically from their beds,
smiling, laughing and shouting out in loud voices,
“God, it’s great to be sick!”


In another quadrant, after hearing his older sergeant
give the usual kind of expected directions, one neural
rookie to the force thought, “But if we DO round up the
‘usual gang of suspects’ there won’t be anybody left!”


(In Fact-o Number Fifty-Three
on The Jackal’s Top Forty,
with a bullet, is the song,
“Why Wait Dear Claudio, Until The Last Bloody Minute.”






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