A Kite

A kite is not a kite,
until it’s flown.


One well meaning father, (I don’t know that he was really
“well meaning,” but certain accepted historical dictates
seem to indicate that using such terms may make this
humble scribe appear somehow more scribe-like…
or something), but be all of that and then some, as it may,
it may go like this after all: One well meaning father decided
to try and give the kid a total and final wrap up of the advice
bit, and did so by telling his off-spring just this one short line,
“Don’t tell anybody anything.”

Health is amoral.


For the Revolutionist, digestion of routine information
is like useless begetting the futile. (An endless cycle
of zeros cloning themselves.)


Hey, don’t be embarrassed if you’re dumb…
(Heh, heh…get it – just a little joke.)



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