When in Doubt, Go Upstairs

What? Me Worry?

If you had ever seen that certain, “secret calendar,”
you’d know that the last day of each month,
is the same as the first day of the next one.
(November thirtieth is the same as November first…
should I disrupt your autumn and say,
“You do see the implications herein – right?”…nah, I won’t do that.)


Okay, okay…settle down. I know I’ve been asking for it, so here it is.
A wrap up for the last several weeks:
One: It’s difficult to give advice without going into a whine,
Two: It’s hard to talk about secondary matters
without becoming whiney,
So okay, okay…a wrap: It’s hard to Talk without sounding whiney.


As you pay your monthly bills you might note –
Life doesn’t charge for electricity.


Concerning certain matters, (may I say),
the most profitable way to “look at them”
may be not to look at them at all…especially right now…
right when they Want to be looked at.


When in doubt,
GO upstairs.


One guy’s advice to somebody, “Until you’re absolutely, positively CERTAIN you know what TO correctly ‘worry about’, I’m not sure I’d even bother.”



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