Remembering & Forgetting

More Of How Things Are Arranged:
There is only one degree of understanding,
but many of ignorance.


To the ends you seek, you can look upon the method twice;
you can see it as either remembering or forgetting:
either remembering that consciousness
can be more than what the mind thinks;
or forgetting about whatever it is the mind thinks.


Those accustomed to religion, expect the transcendental activity
to also “have a message for all of humanity”
— but it does not! — only one for the individual.


The difference between those-who-try and the ordinary is that,
in the life of the ordinary, any interruption is due to accidental events,
while with the others, it comes about intentionally.


The complaint never heard inside one arena:
“It’s too quiet in here!”


Yet another variation of a common creation myth
says that the curse god put on the first mortal was not
that he had to “leave the Garden and go to work,”
but rather that he had to start talking and listen to others do so.
(It’s further reputed that, upon hearing this, Adam grabbed
his head and screamed, “Oh no, anything but that!”
And the big guy replied, “Hey, don’t try that on me,
I’ve read the B’rer Rabbit story too.” And that in fact
Adam’s attempt to put this over on him caused god to
extend the curse into man’s mind as well.)
The compliant now never heard: “It’s too quiet in here!”



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