Small Time Theory

I met this “small timer” with, what he admitted was a “small time theory,”
(but the only one at his disposal), which said that if he, with sufficient
passion and perseverance, continued to, “Sing in a ‘pseudo-operatic voice,”
he just might become a pseudo-star.



Reason and logic holds together
the man-made merchandise,
but it does not make it run.



Another “true” example of “progress reflected through a change-in-words”:
(or parenthetically, no cause thereby), a local two man act,
“The O’Brian Twins”– after becoming a bit more successful,
changed their name to “The Svenson Triplets.”



This one father wrote to his now distant daughter the following lines:
“If it can make you feel any better, my dear, always remember;
we could all be someone else’s ‘rompe l’oeil.’”
(We do not know how exactly she took this.)


Without an audience,
words have no landscape.


After a life of studying religions, mythologies and deitific tales,
this one ole chap, sitting there amidst his books and thoughts,
rubbing his eyes and musing, suddenly thought,
“If there were personifiable gods, and they did put a curse
on man. It could be of only one character; they have told man to
‘Be not curious,’”


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