Gunfire on a Thursday

During a slack in the rain I overheard a fellow over there say,
“I simply cannot understand those who find each and every day
of life to be anything less than thoroughly, thoroughly exhilarating;
in fact, on many mornings I can’t decide which gives me the greatest
sense of pleasure and promise – hearing from the rooms below,
a Bach chorale, or, in the distance, the sound of gun fire.”


Only the dead, (or soon to be),
would try to discuss Primary activities…matters…stuff.


Johnny Appleseed
drove a chain saw on his off days.


Can you consider something like an example, for instance,
being not individually aimed or personally hurled?


“Son,” said the non-son, “A man far wiser than I,”
(at which point the lad involuntarily chortled, but the old man pressed on),
“A man far wiser than I one told me,
‘You can always up the ante, but you can’t force ante to like it.’”





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