One Way Street

This one fellow says that changing his name to Einstein hasn’t helped all that much.
(His close friends are absolutely staggered at this news.)


An uncle, out near the ticket window, grabbed a passing child and said,
“Hey kid, pretend to be my nephew, or something, so’s I can give you this advice:
Save your bet, ‘cause when the wind’s just right, Everything’ll give you a
‘Run For Your Money.’”
(The lad later said he had no interest at all in becoming a nephew,
but by then of course, it was “too late.”)


Comparably speaking, (how else),
a 5-D writer would never foresee
the possibility of a period.


Two and a half years ago, this noon, a stranger on a train
told me this episode, said he, between cars,
“I met a man who apparently laughed at everyone else’s troubles,
and before he could be properly admonished he laughed at mine.”


“Thank god,” sighed one little galaxy,
“That reason is a one way street.”





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