Any Help?

…on Monday…

The prime consideration,
when confronting something “New and Important,”
is to ask yourself, “Is this mostly new, or more important?”


The very first words spoken by one ole sore head’s littler nipper was,
“Trying to catch up, can make you throw up!”
(The ole timer, in his own ole tardy way,
was just as proud as procrastinated pablum…
as a matter of fact, it wasn’t too long after that
that the ole man said his first words.)


Once you have your own solid view of how it does
“take all of everyone’s energy to keep things un-changed,”
it then becomes possible for it not to take all of yours.


A man’s reflection may give him a hand,
but can it give him any help?


That which speaks and that which comes all too naturally,
comes to a Revolutionist un-damn invited.





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