!Weekend Sale!

One exceedingly sophisticated mother cautioned her daughter,
“Do not depend on your ‘conscience as your guide’
unless it has a decent Michelin Rating.”


As informative as it may be (if not overly surprising),
a young professor without tenure, in the Philosophy Department
over at Relfection U, likes to sometimes say,
“If Cervanites were alive today, his back taxes
would be staggering, simply staggering.”


After a long, animated and oftimes quite heated debate
between the ole man and the kid,
the elder suddenly stood up,
made a cutting gesture with his hands and said,
“Look, you can talk ALL you want to.”


Being dead is not the same as being finished.

There is another planet over in the far reaches
of an area where you can reach,
that has a world size sign, visible from staggering distances,
flashing day and night that says,
“Save 20% to 40%! — Save 20% to 40%!”
(Face it, you don’t know what it means, and neither do you.)


There is a Genetic Code to energy itself,
and all transformations are predictable rungs on the DNA ladder.



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