One fellow told his partner, “Every time some individual
does you harm you could say to yourself, by way of a count,
‘Four.’” His reflective reflection pondered this then asked,
“Couldn’t you just as well say ‘Green’?”
“Sure, that’s just as good.”


Language has its own Genetic Code,
and human emotions are DNA-laced.


The mighty liege proclaimed, “So we must cling close
to our sacred duty to steadfastly repeat that which we
have already done, and to studiously avoid any future
that contains change!” So spake the horrific Anti-King.
(For those of you with a historical hobby, you might
take note that his royal insignia is that of a duck’s reflection.)


Remember, as the old folks used to say,
“The only ‘good’ partner is a Good partner.”


Oh all right, I’ll tell you, they further tell that the Revolutionists
who asked the “one question” of all applicants used this query,
“Does man have free will or not?”
If the would-be volunteer showed any sign whatsoever that he
or she was even considering any response they were immediately
turned away with no further comment.
(As a footnote, it’s also reported that the Camp leader had the
following to say in this matter, “Everyone’s natural sight is slightly
skewed and less than perfect, and if you haven’t already discovered
this on your own, there’s little we can help you with.”)


(I close shop today leaving you with the final lines
from a speech given on your planet by a certain unnamed force
at a non-terrestrial time, who said:
“Is man but to eat, sleep and screw?
Was he not given a tongue to raise more hell that that!?”)


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