A Job’s A Job

This one guy says, “The older I get, the less I am sure Anything
is impossible in the simple lives of man.” And his partner replied,
“Try this: say what you just said with a silly face.”

Sad to note, (but a job’s a job),
simply “walking back and forth”
won’t get you back,
or forth.

Sensing that his youngster was getting somewhat
“carried away” with his sophomoric philosophical swims,
the ole man advised, “Don’t get too concerned over
‘holding up a mirror to Nature’ – she’s seen it all already.”


The resident sorehead on the corner over there
compares much of ordinary men’s intellectual activities
with awkward sexual moves, in that,
many men try for penetration before they have
their arms fully around the fact!


Noted one voice:
“Everyone who goes there eventually returns,
but sometimes they pick up a peculiar look…I think.”



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