The Children of Words

Once you are fully functional in the “Revolutionist Scientific Method”
you will discover a certain unknown, to wit:
Almost everything you look at, will, at least partially, look back.

The super-comforter of Body and Soul In The City
is habit...that’s right, habit;
no less than that will do,
and any more is unnecessary.

Over in a darker corner I overheard an oldster confide in a youngster,
“There is one miserable problem to life here on this world, my lad,
there are people to tell you ‘what to do,’ but no one to make you do it.”
(They both enjoyed a darn good cry.)

The older the neighborhood,
the more serious are taken the institutions.

(Don’t even THINK about thinking about this regarding your thinking.)

The children of words, all speak.

As he verbally prepared to reject the poor man’s application for a loan,
the banker mused, “Giving a bird another wing would not necessarily
better the bird’s life.” The applicant, sensing the drift of the conversation,
complimented the money lender on his axiomatic insights regarding our
flying friends and kicked him severely in the kidneys.
(Moral: Birds of whatever feather
may offer no protection for those who’ve heard it all before.)



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