Minded or Simple-Minded?

Life asked one man:
“Which would you rather be minded, or simple minded?”
And the man asked Life:
“Is there another category beyond the last one?”
(and Life paused to have a pimento-loaf sammich).


There are two types of men who will often show up at a party, uninvited:
Those who believe that the gods have spared their life
for some great purpose they are to later accomplish, and
Those who believe they’ve only lived this long as some kind of punishment.
(Slam the door on them both.)


One man is still convinced that if he can come up with
the perfect description of his present condition,
and the ultimate name for his freedom there from,
that his chances for success will be surely increased.
May I note for you that this notion is both ridiculous and valid,
(based on which direction your bath water drains).


A mother cautioned a daughter:
“Don’t squander your energy attempting to correct a verb
that you have mistaken for a noun.”
(the girl was fifty years old.)



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